Rolon Premium


LGB, based at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, has been the pioneers in the manufacturing of transmission chains, sprockets, timing chains, tensioners etc. since 1960, operating with the brand name of “ROLON” in the aftermarket.LGB is the first chain manufacturer in India to produce the timing chain for four stroke motorcycles and scooters when they were introduced in early 80s in India.Today LGB stands as the largest manufacturer of transmission and timing chains in India having a formidable market share in the OEM segment and in the aftermarket segment.

LGB’s product range covers the fullest requirement of the motorcycles and scooters produced in India as far as the transmission chains, sprockets, tensioners, timing chains and allied products.With its plants strategically located across India very near to the OEMs’ manufacturing sites, the logistics issues have been addressed and so, all the OEMs appreciate the efforts of LGB’s plants close to them.

In the aftermarket segment, the ROLON brand is very popular among mechanics, retailers, dealers and distributors for its quality, range and service. LGB has established branches in almost all the states of India to ensure the availability of products to meet the customer requirement in no time.

LGB exports its products to USA, South American and South East Asian countries, Japan, Russia etc. LGB has also carved out a considerable market share in the neighboring countries, like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal.

The manufacturing process of LGB has been fine tuned to meet the stringent quality standards and has in-house R&D and design capabilities.LGB has the unique manufacturing capability of making its own chain assembly machines; induction hardening machines etc. which helps the company to expand quickly to meet the growing demand.

Quality is a way of life of in LGB. Many uniquely designed chains and sprockets are made available for the OEMs and aftermarket which are loved by the customers.

LGB is the only largest Indian silent chains manufacturer catering to modern engines with silent chains.

LGB’s sprockets and tensioners manufacturing facilities are equipped with the state of art infrastructure and testing facilities.

To take care of the aftermarket customers need of lubricants, LGB has introduced ROLON chain cleaner and lube which is a great success in the market. Other ROLON products in the market are drive and timing belts for Scooters, Cars, MUVs, Vans, LCVs, Tractors, and Trucks etc. ROLON has also recently launched range of scooter products like Clutch Weight Rollers, Starter Pinion Drive, Clutch Slide Piece, Face Comp Movable Drive, Cushion Bush Kit etc in the aftermarket.